Seeing Spots or Managing Madness

To say Yayoi Kusama is hot for spots is an understatement.  She is best known for her meticulously executed dot patterns.  Her work is marked by her obsessive vision.  She invites the viewer into her psychosis .  The dots have no sharp points, no hard edges, it's just infinity.
Yayoi has received fame and recognition, but they came at a cost.  She now works happily each day in her studio in Tokyo where she is Japan's most prominent contemporary artist.

The Passing Winter ph: James Deavin

The Studio via Ground Magazine

The Flower #2

At 83 years old, a collaboration with Marc Jacobs at  Louis Vuitton yielded not only a spotted spectacle of a store in London, but outfits and accessories that looked spot on (have you had enough yet? )

Take a few minutes to watch the video about Yayoi's journey and connect the dots (sorry last time)

video from You Tube via Tate Modern
2 and 3 above that via Louis Vuitton

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