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I don't care where I am and what I am doing, my surroundings are important to me.  The way an environment makes one feel should NEVER be underestimated.  When I saw Windsor Smith's design for Tracy Anderson's newest gym in Brentwood CA, my mind was blown.  Tracy's friend (and investor) Gwyneth Paltrow suggested her friend Windsor might be the perfect woman to bring the sophisticated yet casual vibe to Tracy's newest location.  Windsor wanted a sculptural look for the gym suggesting the sculpting that Tracy helps her clients achieve.

A white on white Retna commissioned canvas hangs in the serene lounge that one can rest their weary bones in after a tough class.

The lines are blurred between exercise equipment and art installation

The gray, lavender and cream  torture, I mean signature, latex streamers hang gracefully at the ready for her notoriously tough workouts. 

I am always fascinated by the inspiration behind an idea, design, creation. In this case Windsor always admired Frank Gehry's iconic gold and brass fish sculpture in Barcelona, Spain.  That was the jumping  off point for the look of the brass shelving.  It is as beautiful as it is functional.

If you feel as though your home gym needs a little bling, Windsor would be happy to customize a gold basketball hoop for you to call your own.

Located blocks from the beach, the use of  taupe, white, wood and marble supports the desired casual, beachy feel which happily co exists with all the elegant brass!

A blow dry bar was included in this mega studio.  The girls friend, hairstylist to the stars, David Babali will oversee things within the salon.  Tracey is transforming bodies inside and out.

A white commercial Trauslen refrigerator holds Tracey's fresh pressed juices. She also has a food program to help you live the TA Lifestyle.

 Hers is a upscale lifestyle brand.  Each endeavor ; food, videos, the workout, supports the message of living and building a  healthy, graceful, strong, beautiful body.

Frankly, I'd much rather moan and groan in a beautifully appointed gym, it gives me something more pleasant to focus on besides the difficulty of the workout.  It almost helps one rationalize the $50.00 a class price tag

PH:Windsor Smith

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