Picnic by Design:Inspiration and All

Have you bought your tickets for Picnic By Design yet?  Indulge in a picnic, including wine and cheese, or join us for cocktails and a movie on a rooftop in Soho.  Proceeds go to DIFFA.  Won't you make a DIFFArence?

When I was invited to participate in DIFFA's Picnic By Design, it did not take me long to come up with the theme for my basket/environment.  You may know, I LOVE Aspen and am endlessly inspired by the area!  I have been going there for some 40 years (boy, that really ages me)!  Where do I go in my mind when I think picnic?  The back country where Aspen trees whistle, the Roaring Fork River babbles, and the beauty of my surroundings is endless ~ plus my hair never frizzes there so that's a BIG deal!

That was my jumping off point.

Ralph's in Paris

And what is the next thing I think of when I think of the Rockies and the rugged country side?  Ralph Lauren, of course.  He has created many a signature lifestyle look, all successful; but his Western Chic aesthetic is quintessential RL.  Based on the history of the Indians who adopted the land, in addition to the pioneers and silver miners who came after them, it's a look with legs.  While it may go in and out of fashion, it always looks at home out west.

BTW ~ My Prediction ~ the Southwest look is going to make a strong comeback.  I see it as a coming trend next spring season.  I for one will be ready!

This was my idea submission ~

I personally want to take a moment to thank Kravet and Ralph Lauren for donating the fabric I used.  Lining the vintage suitcase was by far the most challenging and important part of bringing my vision to fruition; that and cutting the animal fabric in the shape of a hide and backing it with canvas for strength.

Thank you Manor Home and Gifts for donating the silverware and cheese knife, The Little House Shop in Wayne for the generous donation of the black walnut wine opener and stopper.

This is the end result ~

Maybe it's more Out of Africa, than High Alpine, but either way...

Hurry, if you're interested.  Baskets and tickets are going fast : )

I'm sure I will do a follow up piece after the event, so stay tuned.

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