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There are sooo many guidelines for applying the Feng Shui principles to an office, but for the purpose of this post I am discussing one aspect:  the wealth, abundance, and prosperity sector.  And in the spirit of paying it forward, I want to share it with you.
I recently "refreshed" and feng shuied my own office.  I wanted to concentrate on the upper left hand side of my desk to hopefully increase my opportunities and create more abundance.

1st things 1st ~ Start from a command position

The left corner of your office, based on the location of the doorway, or the left corner of your desk, based on the location of your chair (if that is easier or more practical for you) is your wealth/prosperity sector based on the bagua map.  Simply place something green, purple, gold or a wood element in that area.  It can be prominently displayed or hidden, as long as it's in that quadrant.

Clutter drains energy, so be sure to clean and organize the area.  It's easier to think and be productive when everything is in its place!  This is the #1 recommendation that Feng Shui practitioners suggest!  Use these diagrams to help you place objects and/or colors in the sectors you want to concentrate on.  I used money, and in one case a jade bowl with a small piece of amethyst in it, to enhance the prosperity corner.  Don't be afraid to think outside the bagua box.

This is a beautiful office.  Beloved objects and personal moments are displayed prominently:  a good thing!  My only suggestion would be to switch the lamp and the greenery, for a better feng shui situation.

This might explain why Kelly Wearstler appears prosperous, this and hard work!

A computer is fine in that area if it helps you create abundance by the nature of the work you do.  However, I think it is better positioned in your career sector, don't you?

Whether you have a large office, or you work out of a closet or armoire, the same principles apply.

We know, and I always say, your surroundings have a deep and profound impact on your well being and sense of calm.  If we can help create a little more good chi, why wouldn't we?

A Follow UP… Since I have done this, 2 jobs have come into the office. Coincidence, I think not!

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