Room with a View

The art of the bath has been resurrected at casa Leskowitz.  As I am exploring mindfulness and meditation, I am finding new ways to relax and restore inner peace.  Designing and training to be a life coach is no simple tasks!  A bath is such a lovely way to unwind and just "be."   With the kids gone and a somewhat slower pace to life right now I am really enjoying "me time."

But, the mind wanders (or is it just me) ~ as I gaze at the ceramic tile that seems outdated a faucet that feels uninspiring and a room with no view to speak of, I yearn….  For this….


any of these, I'm not picky

From city to country, lakeside to beachside to mountainside , from sea to shining sea ~ Who wouldn't be enamored with taking a fabulous bath, drawn in a fabulous tub located in a fabulous bathroom with a fabulous view??

You heard of arm chair traveling, I will be tub traveling.  So, let it snow, let the winds blow ~ I will be in soaking in a warm bath calling upon my rich imagination to conjure up far off places. Technically, I don't think I am quieting my mind, but I do feel less stressed about it.


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