The Floral Experiment

Grab some floral water pics and go crazy.  They make the perfect little bud vases that you can wire onto almost anything to create the most gorgeous, most creative floral sculptures.  We are familiar with them to keep flowers fresh enough to be delivered, but they serve another purpose...

I am so enamored with the look and endless possibilities for wiring them onto almost anything to incorporate blossoms into an otherwise dry landscape.  Like little test tubes, experiment with things around the house or twigs and branches from the yard.  Incorporate twine and other materials.  You can't go wrong.

Flowers up the drama, and who loves a little drama?  Breathing a little life into an inanimate object feels powerful.  These objects by nature are soulless, but you have effectively changed that with the addition of one or more little buds.

Think about creating a floral sculpture of your  own.  What would it look like?

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