The Good Work of Housing Works

I heard about the Housing Works fundraiser for years, how much fun it was, how much money it raises.  Well, I finally got to experience it, and it was all that and more!
My press pass allowed me early access to photograph the vignettes, because when the doors open, it is pandemonium.  I imagine it must have been like what the Filene's basement bridal sale was like back in the day.  A horn sounds at 6:30 pm and everything is for sale 50% to 70% off retail prices, with all proceeds going to Housing Works.  Because everything was styled so beautifully, each piece felt elevated and easily helped you really visualize how it could look in your own home.  Everyone rushed to the pieces they had scouted out before hand to grab those tickets and turn them to SOLD!

But before everything was dissembled and disheveled ~

This bold, graphic room easily reads beachy, lake side, or mountain modern:  now's the season.

George Oliphant fr  George to the Rescue

If you were setting up a nursery this was the place to be, as there were several

De la Torre Design Studio

My friend Tamara took us on a journey to a beautiful French seaside cottage.  I really got a first hand sense of how much work goes into putting a space together, and how the design community comes together  to support one another and a charitable cause.

Tamara Stephenson

You could have moved right into this one.  That's what I call a room in a box!

Rinehardt Miller Interiors

Carrie Bradshaw's closet, how it might look today by the girls that styled it in the movie(s), so they would know!

Marks and Frantz

Miles Redd was having a chic, primary color, art heavy moment.  Yet everything he touches turns to gold

Tyler Wisler created a cozy, den thanks in large part to the mood lighting and wall hung fireplace.

I wanted to say yes to the Donghia cocktail table, but alas, I have no where to put it.  The prices definitely sway you!

Antonino Buzzetta

Kinda stops you in your tracks; loved the paintings.  It was (or looked like) pink smoke.

Nest Interiors

I think I screamed a little when I saw this Lindsey Adelman looking lighting.  I did, I did.  She generously gives you directions on her web site and you can recreate it for yourself just like Marc did.

Marc Houston

The framed silk Hermes scarf was a steal!

HB Home

But I spied with my little eye a Danish modern chair with a Tibetan curly lamb seat that was calling my name.  Patrick Hamilton did a beautiful room vignette, each piece strong enough on its own, together it sung.

I positioned myself next to the chair so reaching the tag was easy when the horn blew.  I grabbed my ticket and thriumphedly claimed my prize.  Don't be surprised if you see this little beauty in an upcoming project.

With the purchases out of the way, it was back to the party.

A good time for a worthy cause.  That's a win/win!

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