Walk with Me: Coconut Grove,FL

I am wrapping up decorating a home in Coconut Grove, FL.  The house was sold and the owners are relocating.  We weren't quite done, but the best laid plans…

I am completely smitten with the area.  Every time I wander past the lawn I have to have my GPS on, because the neighborhood is a maze of narrow winding roads overgrown with flora and fauna.

As a matter of fact, Coconut Grove is the oldest. modern, continuously inhabited neighborhood in Miami.  "The Grove" is lush with vegetation, alive with lizards, and peacocks reign!  Often I see them roaring the streets, but not this day.  I heard them, though.  They sound like cats in distress, I kid you not.

Every nook and cranny holds interest to me.  Every path or gate begs the question, "What's beyond?"
I hope I did not alarm the neighbors as I trolled the streets with my camera.  I was so inspired; loving the greenery and the wild, tropical, residential feel of it all.

Many native plants and trees create living privacy screens, so it was really hard to see all the interesting homes, but I persevered!

Classic Spanish Mediterranean abodes felt at home in the location


An homage to the famous mascot that calls The Grove home

I am sure it takes much work to create the natural landscape that looks like it has evolved over many,many years

Some trees ~ pregnant with stag horn ferns

The perfect tree swing hung below; an idyllic setting, a romantic respite.
I understand "Meet The Fockers" was filmed in The Grove.

My curiosity peeked at the sight of this Asian inspired property, Kampong, part of the Fairchild Botanical Garden, but the trees put me over the edge.  I think it's a Banyan tree, but I have never seen anything like this.  If you know ~ do tell.

The long wavy strands of almost ombre colored branches were otherworldly, especially when surrounded by the mist that had settled after a sudden rain.  I wish I could have color captured it better; the hanging vines or branches looked as if they were glowing.

Foo Dogs stood sentry over a slightly more humble but no less interesting residence

I twist and wind thru the streets...

… like the roots and branches of the trees and shrubs that call The Grove home

 British Colonial homes are equally appropriate in the tropical oasis

I saw modern day tree houses 

I love the assemblage of objects greeting guests at this front door, and the warm terra cotta color is welcoming as well.

I played the game, what kind of house would I want if I lived here?  I chose a hybrid of many of the homes I saw and came up with a Mediterranean Modern.

I love the color blocking going on here.  I am sure the owner planned that red car in just the right position.  Attention to detail: I like it.

I'm gonna miss this charming place, but feel lucky I had the opportunity to experience it!

Under the heading of write it down, make it happen:  I am interested in creating a bigger presence in  South Florida.  Despite the heat and humidity, my love of travel married with my love of decorating = perfect pairing.  Plus, my kids are there,what's a mother to do?

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