Swings On A Porch

Robert A.M. Stern

Ahhh, those lazy, hazy last days of summer.  The weather was generally cooler than normal and the humidity low here in the Northeast, and that allowed many happy hours relaxing outdoors!  What better way to idle away the remaining days of summer than being cradled in a porch swing?  Oh how I want one ever since I sat in one in the Hamptons.

A modern approach to a traditional county look is at home down South

or out West

It's the perfect beachside beauty or lakefront hotspot, if you are lucky enough to have a home there. Whether your porch swing or sofa swing (which may be a more appropriate label) is located in plein air or in a sunroom of sorts, the feeling of relaxation is no different.

 The rocking motion so soothing it's hard to resist not falling asleep.  Build it big enough and the promise of a perfect night's sleep to the sound of crickets await if the desire arises.

This pair of swinging sofas creates the casual note the designer was aiming for with a definite "dash of drama"

Brad Ford

As if the sofa bed and layered luxe of this room wasn't enough, the decorative chains from which it hangs elevate the piece to ~ de résistance.

Do not underestimate the rope detail, or any detail for that matter!

Phoebe Howard

Of course, this is another way to go….

I'll just add it to my lists of wants, needs, didn't know I had to have...

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