Nice Rack

One of the things I love about this profession is that a potential problem can be turned into a beautiful solution, or even a focal point.  The fabulous dining room from The Hampton's Showhouse was fresh in my mind when I was discussing the redecorating of a dining room with a client, and I saw dozens of boxes of liquor sitting on the floor.

White Interiors

The design dilemma of how to hide dozens of boxes of spirits forced me to think out of the box o' wine.  Duh, don't hide it ~ hi-light it!

Carving a niche under the stairs seems to be a popular choice for wine storage, whether temperature controlled or not.

This was the dining room by Mecox Gardens at the show house that really packed a punch with the incorporation of the wine nook in the dining room, beautifully appointed behind glass doors.

Any little place will do

It doesn't have to be a complicated, chilled room.  A simple racking system affixed to a wall is what I have in mind, but built into cabinetry is equally exciting, visually speaking.

I am crazy for this rough luxe look ~ it is custom, but absolutely worth the trouble.  I will run this by my clients, but I think they will think it is a little too rustic for their taste, but for me, oh la la ~ LOVE!

Catherine Kwong

This wall system seems to make the most sense for our needs.  It couldn't be simpler to put together and configure any way you need it to function, while looking stylish and contemporary from Stact.

                                                         Infinite possibilities


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