Feng Shuiing for Fall

Ahhh, the air is crisp, the crackling sound of leaves underneath one's feet permeates the day, and the scent of a fire burning in a distant fireplace permeates the night.  These signs certainly set in motion all the senses that one associates with the oncoming autumn season.  While I hate to say good-bye to summer, it was gorgeous here in the Northeast, I do love the idea of "nesting" over the coming colder months.  AND, the autumnal colors always inspire!

While Spring represents a time of renewal, fall represents a time of reflection.  We transition to a slower pace, an inward energy in preparation for winter.  Fall brings with it a different kind of rhythm.  It's all part of the circle of life.

 "For every season there is a plan, a time to be born, a time to die, a time to plant, a time to reap, a time to build up, a time to break down.  There is a season, turn, turn, turn"  ~ The Byrds

Fall signifies abundance.  The fall color palette is meaningful and deliberate.  The rich, deep, mesmerizing colors demand attention.  The reds, oranges, and yellows signify abundance, gratitude, and energy, but simultaneously have a grounding, comforting, earthy element because they are rooted in nature.  The Yin period is more prevalent; slower and peaceful as the energetic yang period wanes.

Plump pumpkins are regarded as good luck charms.  They attract wealth and protect against negative energy (or evil spirits?).  That's why we place them at our door step, among other areas.

Apples  are a sign of peace.  The cornucopia, a centerpiece mainstay represents the bountifulness of the season and wishes for good fortune.  Pinecones, gourds, fruit, flowers, cheese, leaves; nothing is off limits if it is set within the frame work of the land offering up its treasures to us before winter's slumber.

Surrounding ourselves with Mother Nature's beauty not only beautifies our homes but heals our souls. There is a direct wellness link that I will be spending more time talking about in the coming weeks.

Grab a broom and Sweep!
Sweep your walkway, sweep your doorstep, sweep your mind of the clutter, of the cobwebs, of the past, to make room for the good energy that you want to generate for the future seasons to come.

ph1: Floris Van Breugel

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  1. Carrie, This is a beautiful Posting! I love what you said. Fall has always been bitter sweet for me, because it signifies the end of summer and warmth ( which I crave) and the beauty of the magnificent colors ( which I LOVE). I never knew placing Plump pumpkins are regarded as good luck charms. They attract wealth and protect against negative energy (or evil spirits?). I'm running out to get some pumpkins today!!!
    Great job!


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