At Home at The Huntley

Admittedly I stay in a lot of hotels.  I look forward to the small boutique hotels in particular.  They tend to be designed really beautifully with an out of the box aesthetic.  The Huntley Hotel checks all those boxes.

It was home to Blogtourcali when we were in Santa Monica.  The Huntley, with its prime location: steps from the beach, restaurants, and shopping positions it as a MUST if you find yourself in the area.

You know you are in for a treat when first you pull your car into the parking garage (if you can even call it that.)  Never in my life.  Between the curtains and the potted containers I could have spent more time there.

But a feast for the eyes awaits ~ Designer Thomas Shoos sexy, organic meets glam lobby with ethnic touches had me at hello!  The owners wanted something special for The Huntley, not just another sea inspired coastal haut hotel, but a conversation between sand and sea that unfolds itself slowly.

The piranhas are at once playful and become an important focal point, especially with the way the light dances and the shadows fall.

The difference is in the details.  As I was checking in, I was checking out the leather and shagreen inlaid counter top ~ a thing of beauty!

Orchids, manzanita branches, and succulents lend a dramatic, naturalistic vibe.  Schoos delights in what he describes as, "Bringing together flavors that don't match.  It begins a conversation."

Coral fans were a theme throughout

I did not have the pleasure of a suite but the standard rooms were very nicely appointed and plush beds are a must!

loved the light fixtures in the bathroom

The 360 degree view in the Penthouse restaurant lounge is spectacular day or night.  The etherial  feeling either makes you think it is an extension of the beach or you're up in the clouds.  The intimate banquette seating (in the 1st picture and below) was inspired by beach cabanas with their wispy sheer curtains and ocean view.

while at the same time a clubby vibe anchors the space at the other end of the restaurant

The view out towards Malibu is intoxicating.  SIGH ~ and people call this home.

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