Color My World

I used to love to color as a kid.  Why do we stop?  We doodle, we journal, we draw in some cases, but why do we stop coloring?  Adult coloring books are trending.  I hope it's not just a moment, their 15 minutes, but that the art of coloring stays alive throughout a lifetime.

Studies show there are so many health benefits to being in a meditative state, and one can conjure this just by the mere act of sitting down to color in a coloring book.  Your heart rate slows, your stress level decreases, your brain has a chance to "reboot."  When I am engaged in something like high intensity cardio, my brain doesn't have a chance to think about anything else except the job at hand.  That's why I think my husband loves to play golf, he thinks of nothing else in the moment.  His brain is at rest.  It's the same with coloring.  Your mind does not tend to wander, thinking about the minutia in life that must be attended to.

Also by balancing the creative right side of our brain with the logical left side, coloring helps us process, become more aware, and better focused ~ all good for aging.  Also, the act of play becomes increasingly important as we age.  We play as children, we play with our children, we may even play with our grandchildren, but often times we, ourselves, stop playing.  Don't stop playing!

So if those are not enough reasons to pick up a colored pencil, magic marker, or crayon, you might even find a little inner Picasso in you that has been hiding all along.  Playing like a child is a good thing!

Click here to down load a picture now and give it a try.

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