H is for the Perfect Accent

I recently urged a client to purchase an Hermes Avalon blanket.   I just felt like that was what the room craved.  Now that it's on my radar, I am seeing them often.  Like a Birkin bag that effortlessly elevates an outfit , the Avalon blanket does the same for a room.  It's infinitely chic and classically stands the test of time.

Jeff Andrews

Every magazine I puruse, each page I turn, coincidentally, there it is taunting me, teasing me, calling to me.

Kenneth Alpert


Lonni Paul

Kelly Wearstler

Tommy Smythe

Elizabeth Bauer

Susanne Kasler

Greg McKenzie and ph #1

Buy me, buy me  a soft whisper I hear!  I can add this to the long list of things I didn't know I needed ~ but now do!

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