Art of the Table, 2015

For the 5th straight autumn as the temperatures start to dip and the design events begin to heat up after summer vacations, Art of the Table has become quite popular on the design calendar.  Bilotta Kitchens invites talented designers to take over one of their kitchen vignettes in the New York showroom.  They add their aesthetic voices and personal touches to make our date with a plate all the more magical.  Prouna, fine bone china founded by 2 sisters with a passion for exquisite design, was used in each of the settings, enhancing each designer's vision with their shared attempt at bringing attention to the smallest details that are functional as well as beautiful.  Many of the place settings are set with crystals and hand painted 24 carat gold .

Glen Gissler ~

Tim Buttom of Stedila Designs ~

Patrick Hamilton ~

Jen Going Interiors ~

Byron C. James- Rodriques ~

It's amazing to go back year after year and see the same kitchens completely transformed in the hands of different designers.

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