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The Christopher Guy Showroom hosted a cocktail party to celebrate the collaboration with Christopher and Dame Zandra Rhodes.  Fashion is Art showcased a limited edition series of canvases inspired by Dame Zandra's textiles.  Zandra, with her bright pink hair and over the top persona, has really been a force in the fashion industry for decades.  The "Princess of Punk" as she was coined in the 70's, was on the forefront of the International fashion scene and a huge presence in London.

 "Button Flower" is an iconic Zandra Rhodes print.  Inspiration hit from a button store and by a collection from Yves St. Laurent.  She put an added twist on that by adapting the buttons and petals into a bold Matisse like pattern that looks stitched onto the background fabric.

Zandra's mother was a fitter for the House of Worth, so she adopted a love and deep understanding of textiles from a young age.  Her designs were considered too outrageous for a traditional Brit, so she struck out on her own, opening her own shop.  Zandra was following her dreams while staying true to her unique look.  Soon after she was discovered by Diana Vreeland in America.  Vogue came calling.  She has dressed royalty, celebrities, and costumes for operas,  

Her original printed textiles with their feminine themes, bold patterns, and use of unique color combinations make her a stand out.  Christopher thought they would make the perfect subject matter for wall art and his showroom the perfect backdrop to accentuate the art and designs.

"Lips and Nails" was created in the late 60's.  Inspired by a Christian Dior make up advertisement, the painting has a pop art feel and was featured in Vogue.

"Gallardia Daisies" is part of Zandra's sketchbook collection.  The flowers are bold, but the overall look is feminine.

It was really interesting hearing Zandra's stories.  We were enthralled ~ She has dressed everyone from Princess Diana to Debby Harry, Freddie Mercury to SJP in Sex and the City.  She designs costumes for the opera and inspires a new generation of creatives.

The evening was moderated by supermodel Pat Cleveland, above and below, also a Diana Vreeland protegé.

ph:Cedric Buchet 

Her vintage textiles are considered highly collectable and her clothing is in a touring exhibit.  "Zandra Rhodes: A Lifelong Affair with Textiles" has been exhibited in museums across the globe.

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