Mountains as Metaphor

As I incorporate my coaching into my design practice and my design practice into my coaching, there will often be times when the blog takes a more mindful turn.  I am so interested in this term as it applies to our life.  Blogs are fluid.  They express each of our personal voices.  This is my journey, and it would be unauthentic if my blog did not express that.  I think this term "mindfulness" is a huge buzzword moving forward.  It's not a trend, but an awareness that we are seeing in everything from talking of bringing it into our school system to how it translates into every facet of our life, our home,  and the choices we make on a daily basis that are ours and ours alone.  How beautiful is the freedom of knowing that?

With that in mind, I want to tell you a little Christmas story ~

On the warm weather portion of my vacation, I was on a spinning bike, counting my blessings one minute, then soon after found myself in an unanticipated situation that knocked me off kilter.  Life threw me a curve ball (as it sometimes is bound to do) and I was rocked to my core.  Something  happened that really stunned and hurt me!  I picked myself up, dusted myself off and went on to plan B.  No sooner had I thought, "All right this isn't so bad," I was kicked when I was down.  With no warning, no notice, no concern for my well being, I was hurt again.  I found myself flailing around,  I lost my footing, I was feeling sorry for myself, and was angry at whomever.  Thinking that life was unfair,  I kept  going over and over  in my mind, "Why did this happen to me, and what am I meant to take away from this?"  Walking in the rain, thru my tears I shouted, "I choose LOVE!"  My thoughts created suffering.  The anger was to cumbersome.  Holding onto that felt like a worse alternative.  I have a choice and I choose love!  I do it for me!

On the 2nd leg of my wonderful winter vacation, I got to the mountains and I found peace.  I was studying the mountains and thought how much life is like the peaks and valleys of a mountain range as they were laid out before me.  It's as if we are always ascending or descending a mountain.  One minute we're up, the next we may take a tumble down.  We get up, brush ourselves off, and begin to scale again.

The path more often than not will not be straight.  There are always curves ahead.  Intersections are an everyday occurrence, but chose the path of least resistance and the struggle feels lighter.  Actually, struggle is not freedom and freedom is always the goal.

When one thing doesn't work, if we wait a minute or two, keep our eyes wide open, a new opportunity will present itself.  Be open, be flexible, be resilient.  Before you know it, you will look up and a sundog will remind you that everything is OK.

Choice is freedom and freedom is beauty ~  Live Beaut-i-FULLY!

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