What's Trending 2016

What's hot, what's happening in the coming year you ask?  Some on the list are new, some not so new to us, but may be yielding a wider swath as interest and acceptance peaks.

Sustainability is STILL coming on strong and is as "buzzy" a word as ever.  As we consciously consume, we are mindful of where things come from and where they are going.  We are creatively repurposing materials being as eco-friendly as possible with a small carbon footprint as the goal.

Peter Marino

Authenticity, as in:  Your home expresses your unique voice, expresses your soul, and is a sanctuary for you and your loved ones.  I love the neutrality of this space.  The Benjamin Moore and Sherwin
Williams colors of the year are soft whites for a reason.

But, this may better express you....   Making an appearance ~ bold color offset by those soft whites. Extra points if the room takes on a subtle '70's vibe with prints and pattern.

Carefully curated spaces ~ With an editor's eye, weed out what you don't need and fill your home with pieces that have impact and bring you joy.

Kelly Hoppen

Customization is one way to do that.  With the technological advances of the 3D printer we are well on our way to making almost anything.  We value the beauty of hand made, artisanal, one of a kind pieces as statement makers in our homes.


Mixed metallics ~ Stop feeling like everything has to match.  I assure you, it doesn't.  Isn't this way more interesting?

Encaustic Tile is seemingly popping up everywhere.  While marble and subway tile are always  classic choices, a bold move may be in order.  The strong geometric lines are carried through to other home decor details.

via My Domaine

Eclecticism in interiors ~ There has been a mad crush for mid century, but that has peaked.  I think the tables are turning towards Scandinavian lines, but in an interior that masters the mix of antique and modern, ethnic and eclectic, rustic and refined, high and low.  Personal style brought together reflecting a really individual look.

So it seems it's more about a mood.  Trends come, peek, then fall out of favor for another trend to come and take its place.  The overall attitude is, "Do what's right for you."  If not, as Heidi Klum says,  "One day you're in and the next you're out!"

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