Monkey Business

The Chinese New Year on the Lunar calendar has come and gone but there's nothing subtle about the 9th zodiac symbol of the 12 animals on the Chinese calendar, the monkey.  This year, specifically the year of the Fire Monkey, incorporates the fire element.  Its the most dominant of all the elements.  This combination heralds a strong pull with innovation, but unpredictability.  The Monkey's characteristics are curiosity and quick wit, while being mischievous, clever and resourceful.            

There is a plethora of playful patterns in wallpaper ranging from the whimsical to the artistic.  The Victorian decorative arts period brought with it the French and Eastern Asian style with monkeys often married with the Chinoiserie motif creating a perfect partnership.

DeGourney's "Deco Monkeys" conveys equal amounts of mischievousness and beauty!

A Shade Wilder makes the money a symbol that creates a bold graphic print that jumps off the wall.

Of course monkeys are represented in Jonathan Adler's menagerie

 A cookie connoisseur might appreciate Baccarat's crystal monkey cookie jar.

Seletti makes sure our "Monkey as focal point" lighting needs are covered in different ways

Monkey motifs have a storied past in decorative arts and design.  By donning different outfits, they convey a humanistic appeal, while simultaneously satirizing us, often in 18th century garb.

Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin, Le Singe peintre

Hunt Slonem's "All Eyes" pattern is inspired by Monkey eyes.

The Dracula Simia or monkey orchid is a seasonless beauty blooming in the cloud forests of Ecuador,  and Peru. Their scent is one of a ripe orange.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,  conveyed in Conner's wise monkeys

This is an archival illustration by Harrison Howard who licensed his original works to Caspari for paper products as well as private clients for everything from invitations to wallpapers.

Robert Kuo's bronze, almost life size monkey, would bring good luck to any room.  Could it be any cuter?

 The Year of The Fire Monkey is a great year for new starts.  Where will your path take you?

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