A Metamorphasis


nounplural metamorphoses 

Biology. a profound change in form from onestage to the next in the life history of anorganism, as from the caterpillar to the pupa andfrom the pupa to the adult butterfly.

a complete change of form, structure, orsubstance, as transformation by magic orwitchcraft.
any complete change in appearance, character,circumstances, etc.
a form resulting from any such change.

Going through the life coach training is a metamorphosis of sorts.  I am not the same person I was before this training.  Not unlike any personal transformation or dramatic event we all face in life, a reinvention of ourselves, death, divorce, loss of job, empty nest, etc, etc., you need to melt down and begin again.

When a caterpillar moves through a life cycle, it molts.  As we grow, we shed our skin, figuratively speaking.  We mature and outgrow situations, people, or lifestyles that no longer serve us.  We are constantly moving towards becoming the person we were meant to be.  It takes hard work!

In the chrysalis stage ~ we crystallize or give form to this new identity.  As we move through this stage we change and grow, putting new systems into place that support our new path psychologically and/or physically.  A new hair style, new friendship, moving, or just rearranging furniture, COACHING to help us get clear  ~ anything that helps us "own" our new identity.

At the end of that road, after all the hard work has been done, when you look in the mirror and know with all your heart you have reached a place of contentment, acceptance, and knowledge,you have evolved into the person you were truly meant to be.  There is nothing more beautiful!

photo Andrew Soule

Cherish that moment, for it will change yet again

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