Kips Bay Showhouse 2016 ~ part 1

If you have ever said to yourself, "I really must get to the Kips Bay Show House," this is the year to go!   While I always look forward to and enjoy it, like anything, some years are better than others, some rooms stronger than others ~ but this year every room checks every box!  The best year yet! Drool worthy design around every corner!  It doesn't hurt that the backdrop is Barney's and The Pierre, either.
The six bedroom limestone mansion on 61st Street, previously a parking garage, is home to the show house this year and is an international affair.  An extravaganza of magnificent design from several firms that came from across the country and across the pond, beginning the moment you walk thru the door.   David Collins Studio, who is headquartered in London, envelopes you in a moody Cook's Blue painted foyer by Farrow and Ball.  It has a European flair with a touch of modernity.

Alex Papachristidis's dining room features a fine balance in metallic.  From the custom Gracie wallpaper that was enlarged for greater dramatic effect to the exquisite dining table by Eve Kaplan,  Romanesque sculptures, 18th century antiques, and enough gilt to satisfy any king, juxtaposed with fine decorative art and accessories felt like I was in a jewel box so special it is only reserved for a special few.

ph: Phillip Ennis

Susanne Kasler's neutral living room held many of her signature pieces for Hickory Chair finely balanced with a cool mix of decorative pieces, antiques, a collection of sunburst mirrors in the vein of Line Vautrine, and flea market finds.  Every piece perfectly placed.

The kitchen by Clive Christian was inspired by a trip on the Orient Express.  A nod to Deco design and the opulence of a bygone era can be seen in the custom Lalique patterned glass panels like the ones in the classic pullman carriages on the iconic train.  Across the room, disguising a bar, is the same birds and grapes motif done in a variety of exotic woods.  AKDO tile continue to help realize the dream and LED lights change the mood.  Custom hardware and my favorite Cole and Son wallpaper help make it seem a little less precious.

ph: Clive Christian

Daniel Richards Designs outfitted the second floor terrace with a classical mix of  form and function. The vessels from Atelier Vierkant arrived just in the nick of time, and the Joe Weaton sculpture will soon grace his pool area in the Hamptons.  All was softened with a hydrangea boarder.

Victoria Hagan's second floor sitting room was also a study in neutrals, but with powerful artwork anchoring each side of the room.  The red lacquer focal point to the right of the room was actually a fire screen.  A perfect counterpoint to the DREAM photo, but what kind of stole the show was the window treatment with the sewn in LED light strips that I would have loved to see in the dark.  The topiary trees from David Monn were pretty spectacular too!

Sawyer/Berson created a very dramatic petit salon.  The obvious focal point as well as talking point was the terrazzo flooring.  The lacquer walls, furnishings and light fixture held their own in a room full of strong statements.

ph: Sawyer/Berson

This bathroom by Groves & Co. was equal mix elegant, utilitarian, yet simultaneously simple.  They put their stamp on this sometimes difficult to get noticed space and it left me rethinking my own bathroom choices.  I yearned to soak in that tub while soaking in that view!


Each room flowed beautifully to the next as if each designer consulted with the other.  The connectivity is nice when you are moving through the mansion.   Lacquered, upholstered, and
papered walls set the stage for the always forward thinking design.

Stay tune for part 2 ~

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