A Pied- à -Teardown

I often write blog posts like the media is supposed to do, more factual than opinionated (unless I love something, then I always express that).  This time however, I am choosing to think of this as an opportunity to express my opinion, more like an op ed piece, because it aroused such strong feelings in me.  I was at the gym reading November's Elle Decor, when I got to page 149, the story about Emmy Rossum's New York apartment.  I was aware from social media that she bought a place and the talented Antonino Buzzetta designed it.  It constantly amazes me what one can learn on social media!  I admire his work and congratulate him on a job well done!  I think he is uber talented.  I admire Emmy's work as well.  She wowed me with her beautiful voice in Phantom of the Opera and I think she is brilliant as Fiona on Shameless.

I loved the way she described how she wanted her new apartment to look.  "Chic, European, the look of a modern girl who has inherited her grandmother's stuff."  That is a solid description and a good jumping off point for any designer.  Antonino got to work gut renovating the 800 sq. ft. apartment.  Walls came down, the ceiling was raised, the kitchen was opened up, a fireplace was imported from the Paris flea market.  Emmy brought in her grandmother's chandelier which helps give the space immediate authenticity.  The finished project is stunning!  It's the perfect balance of old world glamour, oozing with style, like an original but better!  She's one lucky girl!

Having said that ~ here's the rub, the article states Emily contacted Elle Decor for help with her new prewar, co-op on the East Side.  Elle presented her with a list of designers, that's how she met Antonino.  They then went a step further by getting "the best home furnishings manufacturers in the business to sponsor the transformation."  High end, heavy hitters like Kallista, Circa Lighting, Rocky Mountain Hardware, Ann Sacks tile, and Horchow donated products from "cabinetry and tile to chairs and hardware," as it was described.  REALLY?  It's like my pet peeve about swag bags during award season.  These actors and actresses can certainly afford to design their own places and pay for their own clothes and sunglasses and jewelry, vacations, plastic surgery and the like (you know those swag bags are worth a fortune, right?)  Those that can afford life's little luxuries are given so much. Sadly, because that is what our society values; entertainers, athletes, titans of business.  It felt like such an injustice!  I wish Elle Decor would have kept that piece of information to themselves or helped a needy family with the generous donations.  What did they think they would gain by telling us most of what was in this apartment was given to her?  This was all I could think about.  What do you think?

Elle Decor ~ I have been dreaming about, dying for, a pied- à- teardown for years!  Will you sponsor me?  I'll write about it ad nauseam!

Ph: Joshua McHugh for Elle Decor except bath Alison Gootee, Studio D

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  1. Are you ready for the kicker? After all that, the apartment is up for sale. Not exactly the grand finale I was expecting. Who pockets the profit? Do you think it was a way for the brands to get some social media advertising, or was it just an unforeseen turn of events? http://www.nytimes.com/real-estate/usa/ny/new-york/sutton-place/homes-for-sale/455-east-57th-street-apt-9b/2958-4447174


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