Pineapple Happy

Is it me or have you noticed everywhere you look ~ there are pineapples?  It began slowly last summer and thru the fall, quieted down over the holiday and early winter, I think is picking up speed the closer we get to Spring. If it wasn't on your radar, now that I mentioned it you'll notice it: you're welcome  : )

Pineapples are the traditional expression of hospitality and welcome throughout the South. and Eastern seaport.  This spiky, funky fruit represents warmth, welcome, friendship, tradition, graciousness and hospitality.

In fashion everyone from Altuzzura to J. Crew is showing this sweet fruity treat.

Altuzarra, ph:Yannis Vlamos

Kudos for combing the pineapple with banana or palm leaves. Leaves have become an important statement as well.

Dolce and Gabbana


Think it's kitchy?  Well it can be, but it also has a sophisticated side.  Its history is no joke. It is said that Christopher Columbus gave it to his men after the discovery of Guadeloupe (their 2nd voyage of discovery) and brought it back to Europe.  Pineapples became extremely popular with the wealthy in the second half of the 18th century because exporting them from the West Indies was difficult.  King Louis XIV began growing them at Versailles.

The Dunmore Pineapple in Scotland, Otter/WikiCommons 

St. Paul's Cathedral 

 Soon they began showing up everywhere. Pineapples were used as a popular theme in design and decor, in centerpieces, hung over doorways, on door knockers, carved into wood and more!

 Its design is subtly sophisticated when silk screened on wallpaper and it's kind of  wow in graphic black and white. 

similar to Bernard Thorp

Studio Printworks

Its history makes it ideal as an antique with provenance into today's decor or as a quirky element in a contemporary space.

This would be an appropriate container for a refreshing Stoli Doli

or just chill'in at the bar

I'm seeing these tropical fruits with fresh eyes ~ they're not just vessels for drinks!

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  1. I love pineapples in motifs. I had learned it was a symbol of welcoming to a home. Then someone told me recently a pineapple in your home meant you were a swinger. Did you ever hear that?


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