Pied-a-Teardown Addendum

This story about Emmy Rossum's NYC apartment was absolutely one of my most read posts.  I guess it goes to show that controversy goes a long way.  Well, as an addendum to the pied -a-teardown post, this jewel of an apartment that was completely renovated and subsidized by high end brands VERY recently is now on the market!!

It was listed 106 days ago.  You can see the listing in the New York Times real estate section.  It can be yours for $1,150,000.00.  Honestly, by New York standards, for this kind of quality and square footage, the price doesn't seem bad.  I would buy it in a second if I could!

I am somewhat speechless.  That was so fast.  I hope all those high end brands got the media attention they were hoping for.  When I Googled this story, it looked like all the brands that sponsored the renovation of Emmy's apartment did take advantage of the opportunity to use it for marketing purposes. Teaming with brands does seem to be a trend I am seeing more and more.  I guess they feel like those  are advertising dollars well spent.  Brand sponsoring has become big business.  They are not just going to celebrities anymore, either.  I suppose I helped by blogging about it, didn't I?  I did it without any compensation.  I need to rethink my strategy!

Thank you anonymous for pointing this out to me!

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