Taking A LEAP

I am just back from an incredible retreat in Deer Valley, Utah.  It was called LEAP which stands for Liberation, Equanimity, Alignment, Power.

When we learn to release negative patterns, old ways of doing things that cause us suffering, we are no longer STUCK.  We are operating from a place of calm.  Balance through alignment and connection is so powerful.  Martha Beck and Boyd Varney lovingly and compassionately guided those who felt compelled to "tell their stories."  For all the participants, each on his/her own journey and at different places on their paths to peace, found a take away.

For me, I have been in the process of merging my two businesses.  My passion is design, but I think my calling is as a healer (of sorts).  There are always questions.  Am I doing the right thing?  Will anyone be interested in this message?  Do people care?  Etc, etc.  We fill our heads with thoughts that more often than not stop us in our tracks.  We unconsciously go back to old trauma patterns that sabotage the very thing we have made our goal.

Through storytelling we heard of magical synchronicities and began to understand surprising similarities to tracking animals in the wild and tracking self defeating patterns in our own lives that keep us from our best selves.

Living Beauty~ FULLY encompasses not only finding your path to inner peace, but making your surroundings as beautiful as possible to ensure the experience is the best it can be.

The Stein Erikson Lodge was the perfect place to peel back layers and look at our core beliefs.  We learned how they can get in the way of living that best life.  When we live in balance and alignment we can heal and let go of what does not serve us.  I for one do it better in a place where I feel comfortably supported, design wise.

The million dollar view was almost the only thing I saw!  Because I am all about our living space mirroring our inner space, having gotten a gorgeous suite did not hurt!  My experience was made all the better by that gorgeous view and a fireplace in the bedroom.  A hot tub on the adjacent balcony made for relaxing dreamy evenings.  I almost felt guilty with all the space to myself.  Almost.  The level of thoughtfulness that the Stein Erikson Lodge staff demonstrated was impressive.

 I was stunned when I saw the ribbon around my phone cord.  What nice touch!  Details matter! The nightly chocolates didn't hurt either.

Turtle steps towards taking a big LEAP into the unknown can be hard and scary, but there does seem to be MAGIC on the other side and not surprisingly ~ magic within as well!

Do you want to experience magic in your everyday life?  Drop me a line, let's talk.

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