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I have recently become "ice cube happy" turning my ordinary, uninspired ice cubes into blocks of art.

It all started with my coffee ice cubes for my cold brews.  I hate watered down ice coffee.  It's a no brainer that can easily become overlooked.

It started out harmlessly enough.  If you know me you are no doubt familiar with my mint obsession.  That was my next choice for the cube du jour.

My decorative ice cube love has morphed into an slight preoccupation with  ~ what's new, what's next?  What else can I encase in ice?   Edible flowers take ice water to another level!  OMG, how beautiful are these?  Do you have a party or shower coming up?

I was having a meal somewhere and on their cocktail list was lavender infused vodka.  Hello lavender, I do like a calming cocktail.  This might become my "go to" hostess gift of the summer: a bottle of infused vodka made with love.

start with organic lavender

1 750ml bottle good quality vodka
1 tablespoon dried organic lavender buds
Using a funnel, add the lavender buds directly into the bottle of vodka. Recap the bottle and shake to distribute. Let the vodka steep for five days, shaking it daily to distribute the floating buds.
Once ready, strain the vodka into a clean container through a fine mesh strainer to remove the bulk of the lavender buds. Strain the vodka again through a coffee filter to remove the finer particles.
via Kaleandchocolate 

No longer satisfied with a naked ice cube, and who says it has to be ice in those ice trays, or in the shape of a block for that matter?  Smoothie cubes and kale cubes make things easier, post work out.  Yes, please!

I'll take chocolate any way I can get it, and the heart shaped frozen confection is quite the little multi tasker ...  for hot coffee or milk, or something harder perhaps?  Genius!

I am currently prepping these Bloody Mary cubes for an upcoming brunch and most definitely Father's day.

Stop the insanity!  Up your sparkling water game with layers of juice for a melange of fruity flavors.  Just freeze each layer one at a time for a subtle mixture of flavor.

It's such a little thing, but I appreciate all the details that make any meal a nicer experience.  Friends will think you went to so much trouble.  This will keep me busy all summer long!

For an elevated experience, it's like a cherry on top!


recipe courtesy of Alabama Chanin

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