Butterfly Effect

Natasha Poly, ph:Txema Yeste

Butterflies are deep symbols of freedom, metamorphosis, and the life cycle.  They are the perfect little, graceful, winged metaphors  When we acknowledge ourselves fully, strengths and weakness, foibles and  accomplishments, we feel free to be ourselves, to be authentically who we are.  Inner peace springs from that like wind off the wings of those butterflies fulfilling the life cycle they were meant for.  In Feng Shui they represent joy and love.  Surround yourself with some!  Their beauty knows no bounds.  Even in death, their beauty remains intact.

Fran Hickman, the Chess Club


They also represent creativity and transformation.  The butterfly effect's meaning is that small changes in one state (of mind) have large differences in another state.  For example, caterpillars begin life tiny and helpless, eating for survival and molting along the way.  Shedding their skin as growth occurs, like humans on their path to self actualization.  Finding renewal, spiritual growth, a lightness, a joy, a new found sense of freedom are all equated with this process.  In the chrysalis stage, everything appears normal, but great change is occurring within ~ a metamorphosis is at hand.


Oscar Glottman

Vincent Wolf

Jean Louis Denoit ph:Derry Moore

Alex MacArthur

William T. Georgis, Damien Hirst

Growth is inevitable, transformation occurs.  For a caterpillar to become a butterfly it must change. We must change too as we move through life, maneuvering all the ups and downs we face throughout our different stages.  The good news is, we as humans, get to decide what that looks like.  Will we be more like moths or monarchs while we are working towards understanding ourselves better, finding our purpose, our peace and putting it out into the world, ready to spread our wings..... and fly.....

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