With Joy in Mind

I tagged this story because it said in the first paragraph that the owners of this home gave their designer instructions that they just wanted the home to feel full of joy.

From there, I lost the story.  I apologize for not being able to tell you more but ~ the pictures are pretty, and ultimately shouldn't we all strive to have a home that is beautiful and full of joy?
To these traditionalists that meant a house full of color, pattern, and a dose of drama.

However, having a beautiful home is no longer enough.  Having a beautiful home that holds peaceful, tranquil people within is what really matters.  If we don't feel our best, live our best life, if we feel stuck, if we have negativity, are not mindful, that energy is held within our home.

It's not black and white ~ to have joy and happiness is to have rooms full of color, at least for those that occupy this home.

Life is too short for negativity, toxicity, not being your best, not doing your best.  If there is something on your mind ~ let me help you explore it because our living space mirrors our inner space.  Drop me a line  carrie@carrieleskowitzinteriors.com

If you are familiar with this project, do let me know who to credit, so I can give credit where credit is due.

Peace out

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