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I am on a slight social media blitz introducing my new Face Book business page.  It was slow to start but I am picking up speed.  The universe gave me a sign and I am running with it.

After months of not being able to get into my FB business page, out of the clear blue, I received a business license in the mail.  I have been in business 20 years and never had the official piece of paper.  Apparently, this was all FB needed to verify the page and allow me access.

Wa -lah.  If you have not "liked" my page PLEASE do so with the link above, if this is something that resonates with you.    

When we marry the physical ~ hard work, design, taking action with the metaphysical ~ gratitude, visualization, awareness around limiting beliefs, we become unstoppable.  We become the best versions of ourselves inside and out.

The universe has been giving me a lot of signs lately.  I am inclined to follow the path which I feel I am being led.  The word disruptive keeps coming up over and over.  Maybe I am disrupting the belief that people have around interior design?   I am deeply passionate about beautiful spaces but I don't think it's enough anymore.  We must be mindful of the energy held within that beautifully designed space.  I have no idea where this is all going.  It is equal parts scary and exciting.  When we are in unknown territory, I think taking slow baby steps is always the way to go.  Walk with me?

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