Health is Wealth

Do you read House Beautiful?  Have you noticed they are deep into the wellness conversation, particularly how awareness around a holistic home is good for our overall wellbeing?  It's a feature they call the whole home project.  Every time I pick up the magazine now, I am so charged!  I can't help tweeting to Sophie Donelson, the editor in chief.  Their theory (and mine) is that investing in your home is an investment in yourself.  Months of magazine articles with talking points about how health is wealth is culminating into a custom built concept house in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta.  The primary focus will be on the importance of a calm and healthy environment!

“The Whole Home Project Concept House will show readers how strategic design choices can deliver more than a pretty space—they can help you live a smarter, happier and healthier life,” says Donelson. “It’s our core belief at House Beautiful that happiness begins at home—and with this project, that the well-being of your whole self, from health to energy to your outlook, are informed by our homes.”

What began in this past March's issue with talking points around the idea of calm and each month thereafter focusing on a different "chapter" really gives the reader a comprehensive look at the idea and execution of a holistic home.

Chapter 1  Calm

Chapter 2  Health

Chapter 3 Unplugging

Chapter 4 Revive and Recharge

Innovations in technology along with the idea that we must create calm spaces for living our best lives from a place of more joy, better health, and less toxicity improves all our lives and helps us thrive!
It's true what they say ~ If you don't have your health...

I am so excited to see the house and all it entails!!

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