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I had a fantastic time in the desert with the MindBodyGreen  team and all the influencers, speakers, disruptors, healers, spiritual gangsters, makers and manifestors.  It is a world that is new to me, and to be  honest, my inner critic was going crazy on the first day.  I work out and eat right, but this was another level.  Most people looked like breezy boho Brooklynites or California cool, all fresh faced and sun kissed.  I heard that ugly inner voice inside my head saying ugly things:  You're older, you're heavier, you're not good enough.  Oh my, this was so unlike me!  Monsoon season began the day I arrived and right on cue it began to rain.  I did not realize it gets humid in the desert.  It rained for the 1st time in something like 109 days. They needed it but I was not happy. As the humidity rose and my hair frizzed, the voice in my head got more toxic, but as the clouds parted and the sun came out, my critical inner monologue disappeared too.  I told myself  I didn't just wander in off the street.  I was invited to be here.  I am knowledgeable in my own right and valued!  A few positive affirmations and some deep breathing put me back on track!  Nobody was judging me!  That was my lizard brain coming out to play in this arid landscape.  There are some great tools for tackling that pesky reptile. We often tell ourselves stories that are not true!  As I began to feel more comfortable and found everyone was so nice, I came to realize we're all on our own journey, everyone is trying to improve their own life and the lives of those around them.  When I explained what I do most everyone was fascinated and intrigued.  I settled in and settled down, and from then on I was fine.  Has this ever happened to you?

Max Lugavere and Jason Wachob

Danielle Shine

Meeting some of these thought leaders was truly inspiring.  Once you learn something, you can't ignore it.  You can't lock it away and pretend it doesn't exist.  You must act even if it's hard, since you care about yourself, community and the planet!

These are my takeaways ~


"The data show that a purpose-driven life is imperative for wellbeing. It drives how we eat and what we do and how we think. The take-home? The most important thing for brain health isn't necessarily your job or IQ or what you eat, it's your level of mental activity, and nothing determines that more than the people you surround yourself with and how often you set goals and work toward them."  ~Dr Dean and Dr Ayesha Sjherzai via MBG


according to environmentalist Paul Hawkin.  Astronaut Ron Garan spoke on how the earth's atmosphere is actually quite thin. Our water is becoming scarce and is polluted.  Free radicals and  environmental toxins  are causing us great stress and diminishing our quality of life.  The earth has been raped of many vital nutrients. There's a big, daunting problems but 1 person's actions do have a ripple effect!


When you are doing something be "all in."  It's better for brain health than multi tasking. Be hyper focused for shorter periods of time.  Mental decline is the fastest growing illness we need to concern ourselves with.  Dementia is estimated to triple by 2050.  If you're aging (and you are) you need to understand the facts.


You know it, now do it!  Don't even get me started on the conversations around gut health. There was some debate over meat.  

drinks with Dr.'s

Surrounded by the saguaros, we were nestled in the beautiful Ritz Carlton resort on Dove Mountain.  There is a healing vibe built into the decor and amenities in the hotel, which of course enhanced our experience.  If I haven't said it enough, our environment is one of the keys to wellness.

Each one of us knows, or needs to discover ,what is right for our mind, body and spirit. Knowledge is power.  When we know better, we can do better.

If you are so inclined ~ you can sign up here for the video content when it becomes available.

Every problem contains a possibility. It's a cue to do some investigating.  Is your inner voice or "lizard brain" playing a number on you? Want to get a handle on that, Consult with me.  Love to talk with you.

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