Now You See it, Now You Don't

Sarah Richardson

We have all come to know and love the iconic ghost chair by Philippe Starck.  It never ceases to amaze me that this chair works in literally any setting.  I think that's what I love about ghost furniture in general.   Whether it's made out of glass or acrylic (lucite is a form of acrylic), the beauty of this furniture is that it fits into any style of decor and ever so quietly does its duty without commanding much attention.

                                                    Valentina Gonzalez Wolhers

Unless you turn them into art.  Valentina Wolhers clever use of acrylic draping creates the shape of this ghost chair and the outcome is both surreal and inspiring.   Since these chairs are dramatic in appearance,  they would most definitely be noticeable in a room!

via House beautiful

Amanda Nisbet

Jariya Wanapun

Carrie Leskowitz Interiors

Kishana Perera via Myles of Style

It's hard to see the furniture, right?  That's the point.  It is the perfect option if you don't want to take up any visual space in the room.

Here are some other clever "ghost" pieces ~

How dramatic is this fireplace?  You know what they say, sometimes it's what you don't see that's exciting, or is that sexy?  Either way...

Bloch Designs
Nothing ruins a gorgeous interior like stereo equipment and speakers if you don't have the ability to build them into a piece of furniture or corral them in some way.  It's no longer a problem with  these ghost speakers .  They blow me away.

Ferguson Hill

Here are a few great resources if you are interested in bringing a little ghost furniture into your life ~

Plexi Craft
Muniz Inc.


  1. Hi Carrie,
    I just got your email and wanted to stop by. Sorry for the delay but that show really took it out of me! I'm looking in these shots for the chair and desk you mentioned. Which one?

  2. I really like that Kevin Sharkey room!

  3. Love love love Plexi-Craft ( Everything is customizable, their prices are reasonable and the customer service is impeccable. I've been seeing a lot more of this company lately, great job to everyone at PC!