The Royal Milliner or Six Degrees of Separation

The English embrace the art of millinery.  I wish Americans would do the same.  It is such a beautiful art form.  One such artist, the milliner to the wedding party  Philip Treacy creates fantastical hats.  Not just for fashion eccentrics but for everyone.  Commoners to Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel embrace Treacy's hats.  He loves designing for the Royal Family because they actually wear his hats.  They keep him in business.

In his hands head pieces become surreal, sculptural pieces of art.  "There are no trends in hat making," Philip declares.  The wearer brings it to life.  Philip takes his cues when designing the head pieces from the outfits and the form.  "It's like little pieces of theatre."

Philip met Isabella Blow, herself a fashion eccentric, when she was style editor at Tatler.  She took Philip under her wing.  He even moved into her basement, and she became his muse.

The two became very close and it was Isabella that introduced Treacy to Lee Alexander McQueen, whom Blow also discovered during his graduation fashion show.  "Issy" became McQueen's mentor, muse, and great friend too!  The two men often collaborated.

Issy committed suicide in 2007 after a cancer diagnosis.   Treacy and McQueen forged on.  Both of their stars were rising.  Philip was asked to design the hats for Camilla's wedding to Charles.  That is how Kate Middleton met Philip, through Camilla.  He has created many hats and head pieces for the Royals over the years.

Daphne Guinness, heiress, socialite, friend, and muse of both Alexander and Philip recently bought the whole Isabella Blow clothing and accessory collection that was to be auctioned off piece by piece.  Sadly, we know that Alexander also committed suicide last year.   Daphne championed for Sarah Burton, McQueen's head designer, to design Kate's bridal gown in an article she penned for The Telegraph.

The beautiful thing about Philip Treacy, seen here working in his atelier in London is, he can make something conservative or REALLY think outside the box.

What did you think of the wedding attire?

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