Pop Art Crossover

Interior with Skyline

I came across Miu Miu's cruise collection and all I could think was it looked like the models walked out of a Roy Lichtenstein painting.  The pop art master created his paintings using his signature lines and dots in order to transform banal objects and see beauty in all things.  His cartoony comic book style was/is a commercial success.  Though he was called a copyist, I say he was an inspirationalist.

Miuccia Prada, perhaps inspired by Lichtenstein, used hearts, apples and dots in much the same way to create a similar pop art vibe.   When her punchy prints were paired with solids, I like the happy results but when the prints are worn together it seems kitschy, ironically, more like the now iconic cartoons Mr. Lichtenstein is best known for.

The Den

I have to admit I wasn't aware of Roy's extensive interiors portfolio.  Like his Nude series, they weren't as commercially successful.  Of course he is best known for his DC comic book, pulp fiction like images.

Interior with Red Wall

Dots are certainly a recurring image in fashion every couple of years.  Roy Lichtenstein created the use of the Benday dot.  It is like an optical illusion where dots placed properly create shading or a secondary color.  It was an inexpensive way, at the time, to print advertisements and comics. 

Interior with T' aime

It is hard to see but there are dots within the hearts and apples.

Interior with Waterlilies


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  1. Such a great post with so many Lichtenstein images.