Rock Lobster


One of the great pleasures of summer is the al fresco dining ~ especially if it's on lobster!   If you can't get enough of the delicious little crustacean, bring it indoors; it has a certain nautical charm.  I'm looking at lobster in a whole new way!

Quadrille Lobster wallpaper

Lucus Chilcoat Designs

Dransfield and Ross pillow

1st Dibs @ NYDC clock

via House beautiful

The Secret Life of Lobsters is so full of fun and fascination that you’ll be almost embarrassed to think that for all these years all you ever knew about lobsters was how they taste. ... This book will make you seem a genius at your next summer lawn party."
                                                                                                  ~ Carl Safina

Trevor Corson

Gratuitous adorable lobster baby in a pot shot

* Abbreviated list of fun lobster facts:

~ They become more fertile as they get older
~ They contain an enzyme that repairs DNA (good for anti aging products)
~ They regenerate their appendages
~Lobsters molt and can live to 100

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