Branching Out


Patrick Dougherty weaves magical structures with twigs and saplings.  An art form that took shape while Mr. Dougherty was building a home. " My dream was to build a house- I didn't realize my real dream was to become a sculptor."

Close Ties

The Summer Palace

Red Maple is the material of choice.  Patrick brings his own sticks or harvests material on site, if available.  Each creation is site specific.

Call of the Wild

Nine Lives

His fantastically fluid, whimsical shapes can reach up to 40 feet tall and take 3 weeks to build.

Easy Does It


And 2 to 3 years to break down naturally and disappear.

Uff-Da Palace

Patrick has gained world wide recognition and created over 200 Stick sculptures.

 These simple (yet, not so simple), organic works of art in nature calm you, force you to take a moment  to enjoy the beauty of the sculpture for what it is; amazing and breathtaking, for soon it will be gone.

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  1. Amazing! I don't know if these are beautiful or scary!