Keno Royale

Creating Heirlooms of the Future

The Keno Brothers, Leigh and Leslie are funny, really funny and passionate about well made furniture.  I recently had an opportunity to hear them speak, interrupt each other, and finish each others sentences,  all while describing their new furniture line.

While in High Point the boys were inspired by a tea cart with carved claw feet.  The brothers were impressed with the quality, craftsmanship and the price tag of $700.00.  It reminded Leslie of a similar piece he had sold at auction for a record 8.5 million by John Goddard.  They could do this!

The boys partnered with Theodore Alexander to create a beautiful line of organic, classically styled with a modern influence, case goods collection made out of exotic woods.

Their furniture is both sensuous and sculptural.  Every piece is actually a series of curves, and flared when possible.  There are very few straight lines.  Given the line's price point and craftsmanship with it's exposed dovetailing, beautiful hardware, and using the lost wax process with a hand rubbed finish ~  I think you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Inside and out, these pieces are impeccable.  Trompe l'oeil artists paint the veneer pieces so you'll never see seams.  They always look like they were made from a solid piece of wood; in some cases they are, but not always.  Since they are hand rubbed to a high shine, all you want to do is touch them.

Their top seller is the slope chair.  It is a feat of engineering with it's sloping shape.  The arms fit under any desk and the seat, somewhat like a Windsor, cradles you.

I should also mention, the furniture looks different in different light.  Like paint, it changes throughout  the day.

Attention to detail was priority number 1.  The beverage shelf in this cabinet is lined with felt, the drawers all glide seamlessly, and the hardware is gorgeous.  Leigh told us a story that one consideration for the finished product was that if you were drunk and fell on the floor and looked up at the furniture from some weird angle, it had better look good!  Cheers to that !

There will be about 120 pieces in the collection with upholstery and lighting rolling out next.  I am so impressed with this line, I can't wait to see what else this dynamic duo will do (say that 5 times fast).

The Keno brothers are also embracing new technology.  Each piece of furniture will have a barcode on an accompanying tag for your mobile device.  Once you scan the tag, a description, back story, or inspiration about that piece of furniture becomes available to you and an instant heirloom is created!

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