What A Tangled Web

Louise Bourgeious spider sculpture

Many have been inspired by the delicacy and beauty of the spider web.

"Beauty can come from the strangest of places, even the most disqusting of places" ~ A. McQueen

Retreat Chair by Louise Campbell

Kiss of the Spider Woman Clutch by Charlotte Olympia
It comes with assorted color inner pouches

Ron Gilad for Moooi lighting@ Mazzo, Amsterdam

David & Co. brooch via 1st Dibs

Spider table by Phil-Frank Design
is made of carbon fiber and is a limited edition of 100

Christian Louboutin

L'Object black spider candle

* FUN FACT ~  the SOD, or Spiders on Drugs Project was an experiment NASA did to see what the webs of spiders would look like, if spiders were given drugs.  I've stayed up nights wondering this very thing!  Artist  Guillaume Lehoux created bowls based on the scientific findings.

Normal  web Bowl

The different drugs the spiders were given

Bowls based on spiders given the above drugs

The spider on Chloral hydrate falls asleep before finishing
his usually very symmetrical web. 

If this isn't a teaching tool, I don't know what is.

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