MAD for Lee Nam Lee

I went to The Museum of Arts and Design, better known as MAD and saw an exhibit that literally stopped me in my tracks.

As part of their exhibition ~ Korean Eye: Energy and Matter,  I had the pleasure of seeing one of the most mesmerizing sites.

Artist Lee Nam Lee calling on traditional Eastern art overlaid it with modern digital technology to create the most achingly beautiful video art.  I have never seen anything like it!  Even my husband was blown away!  This video does not do it justice.  The end of the video is really closer to what I saw.

The five screen panel series took you thru the four seasons.  Rain washes over the screens and subtle colors change, like a stroke from a water color paint brush ushering in spring.  The light changes again and summer brings the lazy movement of people doing ordinary tasks along with the sound of water cascading over rocks and birds chirping.  Autumn brings different colors, sepia like, readying us for the beauty of the gently falling snow of winter; smoke gently billowing out of a smokestack and the clear moonlight.
I could have stood there for hours, lost in that world.

It's worth the price of admission.  The exhibit runs thru Feb. 2012. You'd be mad not to go to the MAD.
It's a great little museum on Columbus Circle.

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