Rules Are For Fools

We all learn that there are certain basic "rules" one should follow.  In life as in decorating, whether it is don't wear white after Labor Day or form follows function ~ I like to think of them as mere suggestions. Independent minded people are always challenging those "rules" and what comes out of that is as unique as each of us...

Victoria Pearson
Upon first observation, you wouldn't think to put an oversized picture to one side of a fireplace ~ the root lamp however balances the height and weight on the opposite side; therefore it works!

via House to Home
There is A LOT going on in this bedroom.  I am fascinated by the mismatched wooden window cornices. For some, the different patterns may be too jarring in the bedroom.  That said, the scale of the patterns and the recurring color pink keep your eyes dancing around the room.

I personally would never block a window, but maybe there is an ugly view that can be hidden while still utilizing the light from above.  The lacquered screen further diffuses the light around the room.  Either way, a decorative statement was successfully made.

Big light fixtures make a big impact in the kitchen.  The continuation of the industrial feel and similar material make it look fresh in a work horse of a room.  The island and table are enough to anchor the fixtures; all 3 of them!

Who says a room must function only as what is was meant to?  Extra storage beautifully displayed in the  bath becomes a clever use of carved out space as well as a decorative element!  It's a muti-tasking beauty.

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