Fanning The Flame

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I love a good flame stitch pattern, It's retro and modern simultaneously.   It's bright or bold or notice me neutral.   The pattern is seeped in history.  The Bargello motif or flame stitch, got its name from a needlepoint design laid out in a zig zag pattern, that was found on a chair in the Bargello Museum originating from the Bargello Palace in the 16th century.

Chastleton House

Parham Park

It's a confident pattern that has come on strong again over the past several years, after it fell out a favor.  It's not your grandmother's flame stitch any more.   It's surprisingly flexible in its use.  I can't think of anything it doesn't coordinated with!

The Jeffery Design Group

Sherrill Canet Interiors

Mary McDonald

M Design

Richard Mishaan

Kelly Wearstler

If you like it, make a skirt out of it.  Oh, that Kelly!

 What do you think ~ hot or not?

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