Trendspotting: A Mondrian Moment

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Is it just me or is Piet Mondrian's color blocked inspiration everywhere?  The primary bright, grid based pattern was part of a style known as De Stiji, or neo plasticism.  Those belonging to the movement wanted to express spiritual harmony and order in their art.  The trend calls upon this artist's look most notably and is still prized, long after Mondrian's death.

Boyarde Messenger hand painted shoe for Charlotte Olympia

Whether it is fashion or home decor, we're all having a Mondrian moment.

In another homage to Piet, Shiro Kuramata created this cabinet for Cappellini.  Cappellini creates furniture that is somewhere between imagination and reality.  Reality is overrated.

YSL created a classic color blocked Mondrian dress in 1965 that just sold at auction for $47,000.00.

Moschino has their own version.  Although it was designed years ago, it is considered a classic; I would wear it today (or at least when the weather warmed up).

I had an art teacher in high school who always said this~

Sarah Schofield

And as with everything ~ If a big piece of furniture or a boat is too much of a focal point, and an original piece of art work is not in your future, start small, with accessories. accessories

If you use a small accessory, you need to coordinate it with this tabletop mobile.  It's too perfect!


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