Lily Pulitzer at Home

I am really enamored with the Lily Pulitzer home collection.  I couldn't see decorating a whole room in the bright, playful prints, just like I couldn't see wearing a whole outfit by Lily.  But a little Lily goes a long way... a pop of it really packs a punch!

The furniture collection is marvelous, well designed, and fashion forward.  Each piece is strong enough to stand on its own.  But honestly, I think it is more exciting edited down a bit.

What I am particularly interested in at this moment are Lily Pulitzer's cleverly designed storage pieces.
They have really been thinking about the need for clever storage solutions, or prettying up some basic stand bys ~

These will brighten up the ole mud room or pantry ~

A shoe ottoman, a clever little multi-tasker ~

If that's not enough storage, you can upgrade to the shoe cabinet ~

via IBB Design

For your jewelry wardrobe ~

Is it 5:00 yet?

and just because bill paying SHOULD be a little more glamorous ~

Consider some colorful options when thinking about the mundane!

ph: courtesy of Lily Pulitzer Home

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