The Long & Short of It

One of my clients had a great rental in NY.  Unfortunately, the lease and their run in NY came to an end (temporarily, I hope).  We didn't want to put the furniture we had purchased in storage, so we repurposed it ~ in the guest room of their Philadelphia home.

Out with the old and in with the new ~

The bed, vanity and TV easel looked beautiful.  This client likes simple and neutral.  I was given 2 instructions when asked to accessorize the LONG, 15 foot by SHORT 6 inch deep ledge above the closet; make it funky and not overly accessorized.

Since antiquing in the Hampton's went so well, see here, I was able to accomplish exactly what my client had requested.

I often preach the importance of using an odd number of objects but in this case, the 3 wooden vessels along with the addition of the basket for height and a change in texture just felt right.  Many times you just need to think intuitively.

Since the ledge was very narrow, I wanted to hang things on the wall.  This helped create more interest and made for a less cluttered look.
I bought these paintings at the Hampton's Show House shop.  They had a beautiful selection of vintage wares, and these paintings were done by an artist/instructor from Parson's who passed away recently.
People often ask me where I buy things and I always say, "Wherever I can."

The spiny brass sculpture and Murano glass jar were the perfect compliment to each other and created more texture than color, as is the case with the mercury candlesticks above.

To speak to the soft colors in the paintings on the other side of the ledge ~ I brought in assorted vases.  My client wanted very little color, but I felt as though it needed a shot of it along with the texture for visual interest, especially because you were viewing from far away and below, way below, the ledge.

There is an art to accessorizing, and for me it's the most fun part of the job!  Never underestimate its importance in a room.  It's the final layer that helps tell the story and brings all the other elements together!



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