Excuse me ~ I'm in a bubble

The bubble and fly series by photographer Melvin Sokolsky from a series he did in 1963 sums up my short disappearance.  I will be leaving you for a few weeks while I am traveling.

"Concept is important. Talent is important... The tools, the hammers and saws, and if they got a zillion megapixel camera, that's not going to help you. What is going to help you is a good idea."

Based on the concept of "the bubble" can you guess where I am ?  The lifestyle:  high tech meets high culture.  A world like no other ~ it "inhales the past and exhales the thrill of the present."  I'll be in port towns and cultured cities, I'll be walking gritty streets and dry deserts.

I cannot blog along the way, so I am going to repost some oldies but goodies for your reading pleasure.
I promise upon return, I will not make you sift through all my vacation pictures (just the relevant ones)  : )

photos by Melvin Sokolsky

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