The Road to Eilat ~ Part 1

THE JOURNEY BEGINS, watch out for those camels

The promenade along the beach in Tel Aviv was very pretty (and decorative)

and our hotel was colorful

After a nourishing breakfast, we were off and running

When in a new place, try and blend in

The homes fascinated me.  Nothing ever seems to be what you imagine it to be.  All that graffiti means something around the Arab doorways

It's hard to wrap your head around the fact that all of this beauty comes at such a high cost

I never met a ruin I didn't feel inspired by

big or small

That includes mosaic floors, so many wonderfully preserved remnants of the world's 1st examples of the decorative arts

Baths were very popular in the second temple period!  This must have been one nice, big marble soaking tub at the time, or what we would refer to as a jacuzzi.

The adventure continues ....

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