Making a DIFFArence ~ part 2

via Decor Arts Now

My friend Dwayne Clark of  ClarkGaynor  created this meaningful and dramatic entrance to DIFFA and the eye candy that awaits.  It represents the light at the end of the tunnel after a long battle with AIDS.  It draws you in and the mirrored bulbs represent reflection: thought provoking.

Fabricut & Vern Yip

A nod to Kinky Boots, coming to broadway ~ the laced corset design element looks as good wrapped around the napkins as it does on the walls.

Rockwell Group and Maya Romanoff

Simple and Dramatic ~ just the way I like it!

Architectural Digest

Why do a tabletop when you can do a whole lounge area.  Signature pieces and an easy American aesthetic is what defines Thom Filicia's style.  I could have jumped right in and sat down.

with NY Design Center

Echo Design reminded us it was spring using silk scarves and light boxes.  Butterflies and bugs looked as if they jumped right off of the walls

Elegant and beautiful: You can never go wrong

Elizabeth Bolognino

Michael Aram is a tabletop darling

Under the category of :  interesting use of everyday objects, these hangers are elevated to artistic status.  Closets as places of transformation

NY Univ.mentors: David Rockwell,Barry Richards

AND the theme of Many Hands, shaping a community is expressed in...

Gensler & Herman Miller
Wait for it...

Hersey Kisses.  Each time a kiss is taken, the design changes

EXCUSE ME, that's brilliant!

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