I Heart Blogshop

All I can say is OMG.  I had heard great things about  Blogshop for awhile and had been curious.  I wanted to learn photoshop for bloggers!  When I saw that the weekend seminar was being held in Philly, I signed right up.  Sometimes you can't think too much about something and you have to dive right in.  Well, you know how there is always one person in a crowd who doesn't "get" it ?  That's right, that was moi.

The room was beautiful. Fresh flowers everywhere, thanks to Sullivan Owen.  Being visually stimulated definitely helps get the inspirational vibe going.  You want to be creative, you want to learn the techniques, short cuts and how to's to make clever collages and such.  I will do it, I will do it...

They sat me in the back corner so I was easily accessible because I always needed help.

Bri and Angela of Blogshop are brilliant!  The girls that were there to help and support us "newbies" were extremely patient.  "Kudos girls, I know I was annoying!"

I have ALOT of practicing to do. So you may see some tricks pop up now and again.  This is what I have been able to manage thus far ~ All I want to do is create collages, side by side pictures and color correct.  Is that too much to ask??  (maybe)

We'll see ~ Learning photoshop, like me, is a work in progress.

The Philly group represented: somewhere in Northern Liberties.

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