Shell Shocked

Fisher Weisman

Call it cliché, but a shapely shell looks quite appealing in a summer home.  I am not one for tchotchkes, and shells can quickly look like dust collectors if scattered randomly about, so make it bold.  Go big, or it's a bust.

The above design duo created a magnificent collection of shell encrusted case goods ~

Sea shells can look perfectly sophisticated or naturally organic, as determined by their counterparts.  Fanciful or simple, a statement is made either way, and the tactility WOWS!

One piece in a room POPS and can't help but be a show stealer.  A chest like this would look equally at home in an all white cottage with linen slip covered sofas or in a heavily patterned looking bungalow.

 The color of these shells sets off the Buddha head collection and demonstrates that shells (and coral) make a good backdrop for a chinoiserie theme as well.

Whimsical in nature, they may be unexpectedly adorning something surprising, but then the mollusks make clear a little levity or frivolity lightens a too serious space.

It blurs the lines between indoor and out, bringing the outdoors inside as if the just collected treasures were woven into something magical.

The beauty and gracefulness of this console table is sculptural and visually arresting, more of a piece of art than a simple table.

If a statement piece is too much, show a carefully curated collection, but remember, keep it together.  Shells scattered about just don't cut it.

If your so inclined this could be a DIY project you may want to think about. (You, not me)

I'll nevet forget the impact this bathroom made on me when I saw it in Met Home.  Barry Dixon, one of my favorite designers commissioned this room covered, like a grotto, in shells by Cathy Jarman for a Palm Beach client.

Mimi McMakin,ph Eric Piasecki

Lovely, just lovely ~

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