A Fireplace ~ From Drab to Fab

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I am working on a project that involves ye old, dated brick fireplace surround from the late 70's, early 80's.  It's funny, some people really see painting over the brick as a "no no".  I have every confidence that this is the way to go for a fresher, brighter, more contemporary room.  My clients may need a little more convincing....

I think painting over the brick and the idea of painting in general for a lot of people is fear based.  It's the easiest thing to change if you are unhappy, and the easiest way to instill a dynamic change in your decor.

Picture all these fireplaces as they once were; red bricked and soot stained (I'm assuming).  The rooms fall flat!  Nothing says dated like a brick wall in a traditional home

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In this photo, the mortar creates a graphic design to the bumped out fireplace .

Be sure to pay attention to the interior of the fireplace as well. The back wall gives its original look away.  I would suggest painting it black.  Take Note ~ This application requires a primer and specially rated paint that can withstand high temperatures.

And lose the brass frame while you're at it

I don't think I need to utter a word, I'll send over the blog post and let the pictures speak for themselves.
This may however be a case of do as I say, not as I do.  I can nether confirm nor deny this look exists within my home's four walls.    I however, am using it as another reason for why we should just move ~ but my husband isn't budging!

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  1. Love the interior fireplaces. Painting the interior around them white makes them look even brighter and more beautiful.